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Shopping in Phuket island.

Just because it is FOR SALE does not mean that You can take it back-home with You.... There are things sold at the Markets & Malls, that might be taken away from You when entering Customs, when You return to your' home-Country.

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Famous Bangla road. Night life in Phuket.

BANGLA ROAD - Do not be fooled into thinking that Bangla Road is for everyone in the family.... It isn't.. ! For children that are allowed to watch what they want to at home, and for children over the age of 13 -15 years old, the one-block street ofBangla Road is probably OK. There are many people who will tell You that the City of Patong was built-up around Bangla Road, in the last 15 years or so...

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Phuket festivals

What other Nations would call a large-public-party, Phuket calls a FESTIVAL… and there are many on Phuket Island, through-out the year. All about famous festivals. Choose the best time to visit Thailand.

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How to buy land in Phuket

When deciding on looking at a land to own on Phuket Island, keep these ideas/thoughts in mind : + LOCATION always remember location is the key factor. + PEOPLE the real estate agent, an Independent attorney, land-Bureau civil servants, and future neighbors + PRICE the initial purchase price, fees for helping you choose a legal and proper land, surveys and title-insurance, and monthly up-keep. +PAPERWORK transferring ownership from the previous owner to you, bringing in cash from

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The famous beaches in Phuket

Over 5 million tourists come to Phuket Island every year. The reason why is quite simple, THE BEACHES. Once the Airplane lands at the International Airport and You walk outside, You smell the tropical blooming flowers, and a hint of the paradise from the small breeze which always blows from off the Ocean onto Phuket.

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Things to do or where to have fun in Phuket

Phuket is filled with various attractions. Some of them you absolutely must see for yourself. Phuket beaches start with having people walk, or jog on the cool beach sand, or take an early morning swim. The Jet-Skis, Parasailing, and fishing-boat and Scuba Diving trips can be seen coming and going all day until around sunset.

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