The best islands Part 2.

A 27-kilometer coastline, with perfectly-clear water, and white sandy beaches are what is found on   Koh Lanta Island.  There is not the large-crowds of tourist combing the Island,  so it preserves its community spirit in both business and family life.  There are actually 50 small islands which comprise the  Koh Lanta archipelago,  however  only 3  are available for people to live on.  An authentic  Sea Gypsy Village,  known as a  Uraklavoy,  is called   Ban Sangkha U.  The Island is both beautiful and peaceful.Treasure Hunters might like to stay on   Koh Samet Island.   It is a ‘T’ shaped island that once upon a time, was the home of Asian Sea Pirates, who used the Island as a safe-haven, and hide their’  loot there.   Although development is obvious, the Island has not spoiled itself with over-construction like many other Islands have.  The sand is  powder-like,  it is so fine and soft to touch.   Ao Beach,   Hat Sai Kaew Beach,  and   Vong Duan Beach  are some of the most well-known.

The 3-options available to You when staying on    Koh Similan Island  are as follows,   National Marine Park tents and bungalows,  or  Live-a-Board Scuba-Diving Tour Boats,  or to shuttle back-and-forth from the Thailand mainland each morning till evening.   If this last option is your choice  You would stay around the City of  Khao Lak  situated on the coastline of Thailand,  and stay in a Resort or Hotel there each night.  The waters around the Island are on-average about 20-meters deep,  and the fish and marine-life are so abundant,  You feel like You are swimming or snorkeling/scuba-diving  inside a giant aquarium.

The Island named Turtle-Island,   Koh Tao Island   is the place where beach-lovers,   and snorkelers enjoy.  There are 5-separate beaches positioned around the Island offering the best Thailand has to offer.  These beaches names’ are as follows… Mae Haad Beach,    Sairee Beach,   Chalok Ban Khao Beach,    Haad Thien Beach,   and  Ao Leuk Beach.