Foreign investment in Thailand

The Laws in Thailand changed over 10 years ago, so that non-Thai people can own and/or control property in Thailand.It has continued to raise at  10 – 18  percent compounded per-year for over a decade straight. The Banks in your’  home-country do not offer a year-on-end return, such as property in Phuket Thailand offers to you as an individual owner, non-Thai. It creates an additional source-of-income or cash-stream for you, deposited into your’ Thailand bank account. Your’ capital gains each year on your’  property  are tax-deferred, under the Law of compound Interest, the source of true-wealth, long-term. Modern infra-structure throughout Phuket island, makes an investment into the future in Asia. Your corporation and/or personal- ownership of land, allows for a visa, and work-permit option.

Thailand is a ‘Hub’ for the ASEAN group of Nations, Implemented in 2015, so steady Business growth is seen at all levels of business on Phuket Island.Phuket Island is a high-security land-mass, secured by a bridge-security and International airport, and there are no other ways for someone to get into Phuket Island. Five Internationally recognized hospitals located on Phuket Island, ensure competence and choice.Medical tourism is a targeted market Phuket island is grooming-for-the-future. Urban controlled-growth, is essential for continued economic-growth.  – the International airport  has increased the runway size, and in passenger pass-through.   – the Island is committed to bury all exposed utility wires,  moving toward all-underground utilities.

All the major automobile dealerships have opened, or have expanded operations on Phuket. Through rumored land-grab schemes, an army investigation division  deed-search investigation  at the National-Level has been on-going…  signatures do have meaning in Thailand. A purging  of top officials of both public and private organizations has been completed on Island, carried-out by the Thai Federal Government, change is obvious Phuket Town is the ‘sister-city’ of GeorgeTown Malaysia, and a U.N. World Heritage location. Phuket Island enjoys the highest-standard-of-living of any comparable zone in Thailand. There is a harmonious mixing,  of Buddha followers, and Islamic followers already for decades.Where the prices of both crude-oil and gold/silver have fluxuated, property on Phuket has not…Every major thoroughfare has rising shop houses or track-condos, most sold offsite or preconstruction.  After 30 percent sold, construction begins…